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Belt Analyst Releases - v19.1 Available

We work hard to provide you with multiple conveyor software updates throughout the year including bug fixes and feature upgrades. Below is a detailed list of all the changes made to Belt Analyst since version 13.

To check if you are using the latest version of our design conveyor software, open the Program, click "Help" then "Check Program Updates". You can also see the license details by clicking "Help", then clicking "About Belt Analyst". If you want to download an old version, please log in to the account website here.

If you need a download link for the latest version of Belt Analyst, please contact [email protected]

v19.1.0 Released July 29, 2019

v19.0.0 Released March 4, 2019

v18.2.0 Released October 3, 2018

v18.1.0 Released June 18, 2018

v18.0.0 Released February 6, 2018

v17.2.0 Released October 11, 2017

v17.1.0 Released April 19, 2017

v17.0.0 Released February 28, 2017

v16.1.0 Released October 7, 2016

v16.0.1 Released March 11, 2016

v15.1.11 Released November 13, 2015

v15.0.16 Released August 13, 2015

v14.4.0 Released June 15, 2015

v14.3.0 Released February 3, 2015

v14.2.2 Released October 1, 2014

Latest 14.2.1 Released 12 September 2014

v14.1.2 Released June 30, 2014

v14.1.00 Released May 15, 2014

v13.3.14 Released 23 December 2013

v13.2.0 Released 27 September 2013

v13.1.412 Released 16 August 2013

v13.1.410 Released 1 August 2013

v13.1.387 Released 15 July 2013

v13.1.377 Released 1 July 2013

v13.1.100 Released 15 May 2013

1. Brand New Training Website
2. Lagging Analyst Update
3. Improved License Security
4. New Takeup/Drive Definition
5. DIN 22101 Pulley Friction Factor Defaults
6. Custom Belt Rubber Data Sharing
7. Dynamic Analyst Easy Parking Brake Control

1. Redo/Undo Capability
2. Power Summary
3. Takeup Travel Summary
4. Takeup Improvements
5. Flap Mode Comparison
6. Updated License Management
7. Default Empty Load Case
8. Updated Reporting for Program Bugs

1. Belt Capacity Analysis
2. Enhanced Power Wizard
3. Plate Vibration Theory - Flap Mode Calculations
4. Advanced Profile Import Updates
5. Improved stability and operation of program

1. Dynamic Analyst Case Summary Graphs
2. New Takeup Options
3. Advanced Saved File Options
4. Improved Image Editor Functionality
5. General Bug Fixes and Improvements

1. ISO 5048: 1989 Calcualtion Method
2. Overhung Load Calculator
3. DOCX Report Printing
4. Profile Image Editor
5. Request File Audit
6. Idler Analyst Report
7. New Excel Export

1. New Pipe Conveyor Methodology (Suite)
2. Finalize Profile Mode (Standard and above)
3. Updated Printing Routine
4. Error Description Popups
5. DIN C factor change
6. Transition Point Calculation
7. Network License Improved License Data
8. Dynamic Analyst - Dynamics Stability Improvements

1. Popups added throughout the program to indicate new
features added in updates. Click the popup to dismiss
and visit Help -> Popup Tips to enable/disable specific
2. Added the ability to shift selected points by a certain
angle in the 2D profile
3. Updated template files which now include new features
such as horizontal curves and paired flights
4. Drive Velocity PID curve logic added to Dynamics for
automated curve generatio
5. Added the ability to delete multiple selected flights
at once
6. Added Flap Mode tab to the Profile tab displaying flap
modes graphically
7. New ability to save a view in the 2D profile and quickl
return to that point
8. Increased speed of license check
9. Files with Dynamics save with a limited results mode if
.tsn and .dva aren’t present
10. Quick Show all/one graph line feature added to Dynamics
results graphs 11. Dynamics tabs now detect errors and flag them in red

1. Case Manager look and feel
2. Feeder Analyst look and feel
    a. Multiple feeders on a single conveyor
    b. Auto update of drag calculations with program closed
3. Chinese Language support
4. New Drive Inertia Calculator
5. New Pulley Face Pressure Calcualtion
6. Reporting Functionality improvements
7. Dynamic Analyst improvements
    a. Customizable interface
    b. Upgraded graph area
    c. Updated control input methods for drive and take-up        controls
    d. Simplified file structure for improved simulation time
    e. Seamless integration with Belt Analyst
    f. Updated reporting

1. Merge Horizontal Curves with Belt Analyst
2. Horizontal Curve Calculations
3. Import dxf ground profile
4. Export dxf ground profile
5. Import kml/kmz ground profile
6. Added the ability to pair flights
7. Ability to add multiple idler sets
8. Update to Idler Analyst
9. Set idlers by flight
10. Update Dynamic Analyst brake control options
11. Multiple backstops in Belt Analyst
12. Improved DIN22101 method calculations

1. New and improved Profile Tab
    a.Carry and return points connection option
    b.Vertical Curve customization and breakdown
    c.Geometry error detection
    d.One click flight division
    e.New X and Y coordinates available
2. DXF drawings can now include head and tail drive,
    all carry and return flights, the take-up, trippers,
    extra pulleys, and intermediate drives.
3. Vertical Curves tab updated
    a. New Auto All and User All buttons
    b. Enable and Disable buttons added
4. New Case Summary Window that shows all of the
    case dependent variables in one window
5. New checkbox in the Take-Up Load Ratio window;
    will fixe the take-up on stopping.
6. Updated Idler Analyst
7. Expanded Rubber Indentation calculations to include
    the Large Scale Rubber test data per DIN 22123

1. Main window remembers size and positoin on the
2. Improved Target Tensions functionality
3. Improved Idlers funtionality when moving between
    User, Custom and Auto design modes.
4. Fixed Load/On/Off to refresh Vertical Curve tensions
     as the load is being increased/decreased.
5. Fixed an error that happens on printing when
     a case is disabled.
6. Fixed Material and Belt databases to show numbers in
    the proper format when in regional settings other
    than English.
7. Fixed and error that occurs when belt tensions are     invalid numbers due to invalid input geometry.
8. Fixed an error that occurs when the user doesn't have      Write permissions on

1. Customizable view of Belt Analyst.
2. Idler Analyst
3. Plugged Chute Calculator
4. Updated Pipe Conveyor Calculations
5. PDF Report Builder
6. Dynamic Analyst - New output for pulley load

1. Various small bug fixes and improved performance.
2. Updated Pipe Conveyor calculations
3. Updated Help Files for Pipe Conveyor, Take-up     Types,Automatic Response Curves, Displacement     Calibration Factor.

Belt Analyst Updates:

1. When calculating using the DIN 22101 design
    calculations mode:
    a.The belt safety factor is now calculated as per
       the DIN 22101 (2011) standard as described in
       the following documentation:
    b.The minimum pulley diameter is no based upon
       DIN 22101 (2011) pulley group classification as
       described in the following documentation:
    c.Material Cross Sectional Area calculations
       have been update to conform to DIN 22101
       (2011) as described in the following documentation
2. Idler databases have been added to provide the
    Belt Analyst user with acces to standard DIN sized
    idler sets. Load Capacities and rotating masses
    have been estimated according to DIN22107 and
    VCI2341 standards.

Dynamic Analyst updates:

1. Mechanical take-ups can be setup automatically
    to limit carriage velocity or maximum torque.
2. Mechanical take-ups (either winch or hydraulic
    cyliner), can now have a deadband (max and min
    take-up tension).
3. If you have a known take-up carriage displacement
    for a specific stopping condition, we have added a
    manual take-up calibration factor which will
    automatically increase program accuracy.
4. Drive velocity controls (PID Controllers) will now
    automatically select initial torque values for each case
    based on the static running torque.

1. Fixed HS Drive Inertia Printing Issue
2. Fixed Horizontal Curve Printing Issue


1. New DIN advanced belt Functionality
2. New online help link
3. New sharable custom default via team manager
4. New auto login feature for team manager
5. New enhanced features for takeup in Dynamics
6. Fixed pulley Image display issue
7. Fixed trajectory load and save issue
8. Fixed text wrap around custom image on print
9. Fixed friction breakdown pie chart
10.Fixed Feeder PDF creation

IMPORTANT UPDATE    Login and Download

1. Various small bug fixes reported from v14.0 release. Improved executuon speed. Improved License Manager.

New Major Features

1. Biggest updates in Dynamic Analyst. Several fixes to prevent loss of data mostly when using Case Manager. Also fixes to prevent error messages when changing flights, drives etc in Belt Analyst. Improved executuon speed.
2. Added additional messages and information to pulley folder regarding pulley design data and better defining problems.
3. Added additional Language support. Updated Spanish Language resource file
4. Improved Graphic Drag and Drop of Pulley Wizard
5. Fixed Reversing Conveyor Features when all pulley wraps have been set.
6. Added Drag Multipliers to Case Variables List
7. Added new CEMA 7th Edition changes to Universal calculation methods. Can select from Menu. Can select Default, Good and LRR rubber.

1. Program will now automatically check your version at selected intervals and notify you if a update is available...
2. If you use Windows 7 on a 64bit computer, this update fixes some compatibility issues...
3. Provides additional information re pulley selection criteria...
4. Loading Cases can be seleted for automatic re-calculation or de-selected to speed up calculations or hide on the printout...

1. Fixed Dynamic Analyst Decimal Point Error
2. Increased maximum power pwr pulley to 20,000 HP
3. Fixed Dynamic Analyst Button
4. Allow Changing of Idler Bearing Types
5. Fixed Idler Bearing L10 Life error
6. Fixed Regional Settings decimal separator

1. Fixed Horizontal Curve Window Re-sizing
2. Fixed Manual Take-up when opening old file formats
3. Fixed Feeder Analyst Close Error
4. Fixed reading of Pipe Conveyor files
5. Fixed Seal Regen Factor
6. Fixed Regional Settings decimal separator
7. Locked the Head Transition Location to Head Pulley

1. Fixed Pulley Wizard periodic crashes
2. Fixed Manual Take-up
3. Pulley Diameter Defaults Raised to 4x Shaft
4. Improved Idler Calculation Speed
5. Improved Consistency of Unit Conversions
6. Fixed Take-up Data in Dynamics

1. Horizontal Curve Improvements
2. Pulley Calculations Improved
3. Adding Drive to Tail Pulley (Dynamics)
4. Corrected Temperature Multiplier
5. Case Summary Printout Improved
6. Improved Idler Calculations (Speed)
7. Improved reading old version files
8. Corrected Drag and Drop Errors

New Major Features