Licensing Options- Floating

All licenses are provided electronically as a License ID and Password. A licensee can log into at any time to review your license, check for updates and pay maintenance fees.

A Floating License is shared between multiple computers (users). The license is provided as the same License ID and Password however those numbers can be input into as many computers as required. The license actually resides on the Overland Conveyor server and is obtained by the client computer automatically when the program is launched. When the program is shut down, it releases the license back to the server automatically so it can be used by another user.

The number of concurrent users is limited to number of seats purchased. If a seat is not available when a user runs the program, they will be advised there are no licenses available and to try later.

A user must be connected to the internet to obtain a license. If you know you will not be NOT be connected to the internet when you will need to use it, you can "Check Out" a license for up to 30 days from the "Help" menu.