Dynamic Analyst

Dynamic Analyst is an add on module to Overland Conveyor Co's internationally renowned static analysis program; Belt Analyst. This program uses the same user friendly interface to input any additional information required. Never a need to input the same data twice.

Input motor and brake data as well as control deceleration and acceleration curves either numerically or graphically. Use popular PID control algorithms to control devices. Model take-ups as either gravity, fixed (screw) or as a mechanical winch or hydraulic cylinder.

Quicky add points to plot. Plot belt tensions or belt velocity at any point on the conveyor. At every drive or brake, plot power, torque and whether or not slip might occur. Evaluate low tension conditions for potential dangeous sag conditions. And plot take-up carriage displacement and velocity.

Review or record animations of belt tensions and belt velocities. Animation recorded in standard Windows AVI format can be viewed on any Windows based computer. Printout all input and output data including graphics in a clean, professional format. Also, one click and you can write a PDF document to archive or e-mail to clients or associates.