Belt Analyst V18.2 New Features

Below is a brief description of the new features introduced with this version of Belt Analyst™.

Belt Capacity Analysis

The Belt Capacity Analyst tool estimates and plots capacity of belt based on percent loaded, material edge distance, belt width, and idler specification.

Enhanced Power Wizard

Power Wizard will now estimates and plot demand power or "f" friction factor results over a temperature range for selected operating cases.

Plate Vibration Theory - Flap Mode Calculations

For the analysis of Flap Mode, Belt Analyst now adds V return mode using the plate vibration approach

Profile Imports Update

Imports layer data when importing DXF profile drawing data.

Advanced Profile Update

When using the graphic profile input, Belt Analyst now adds multiple pulley selection when converting to a drive.

Improved Stability of program operation

Belt Analyst V18.1 New Features

Below is a brief description of the new features introduced with this version of Belt Analyst™.

Dynamic Analyst Case Summary Graphs

Dynamic Analyst now contains a Case Summary graph tab where graphs for starting and stopping can be combined to show the complete dynamic cycle of the dynamic output.

New Takeup Options

Hydraulic Cylinder and Winch Off On style takeups have been added within the takeup tab to allow users to implement passive control takeups with high and low tension set points.

Advanced Saved File Options

Users can now save belt analyst files in a locked password protected mode, or as a finalized read only mode for safe distribution to other Belt Analyst users ensuring that file attributes only change when you want them to.

Improved Image Editor Functionality

The image editor feature within Belt Analyst has been greatly improved, allowing users to easily create simplified general arrangements of the conveyors they are working on for reporting purposes.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

Belt Analyst V18 New Features

Below is a brief description of the new features introduced with this version of Belt Analyst™.

Click here to watch the v18 overview video.

Overhung Load Calculator

The Overhung Load Calculator can be used to calculate a more accurate estimate of the overhung load onto a pulley drive shaft. The calculator uses information about drive component weights and geometry to estimate the overhung load for different conveyor operating conditions.

ISO Calculation Method

Belt Analyst™ has the ability to perform power, friction and the resulting tension calculations using the ISO 5048 : 1989 calculation methodology. This calculation methodology is very similar to the DIN 22101 standard in philosophy and utilized by the international community.

DOCX Printing

User can utilize custom word document templates to populate reports with data from Belt Analyst™. User can also create their own custom or modified templates.

Profile Image Editor

The image editor allows the user to create a visual arrangement of Saved Views from the Profile screen that can then be added to a printed report. This facilitates improved presentation of pulley arrangements and profile features.

Idler Analyst Report

An Idler Analyst calculation report can be exported to a printable Microsoft Word® DOCX document or to a Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheet.

New Excel Export

The input and output data from Belt Analyst™ can be exported to an Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet for further analysis and review.

Audit Report

Using the new Request File Audit procedure, the user can request a professional audit by one of Overland Conveyor Company’s professional conveyor design specialists on a conveyor they have designed utilizing the Belt Analyst™ suite of programs.