Pipe Conveyors

Pipe Conveyors are very similar to conventional conveyors except the idler rolls are configured to roll the belt into a pipe shape.

The belt construction is unique as the belt must be transversely rigid enough to keep the belt pressed against all the rolls. Most all other major components are standard.

The power calculation methods are unique as they have to account for the rolling and twisting of the belt. There are no published standard calculation methods.

When compared to conventional conveyors a pipe conveyor can offer (1) Spillage Free Transportation, (2) No build up on idlers, (3) Can negotiate tight horizontal and vertical curves, (4) Can elevate vertically 50% more than conventional conveyors, (5) Has excellent belt edge damage control, (6) Unaffected by wind and rain thus requires no covers, (7) Reduced structural costs by eliminating walkways.