Conveyor Types

Conventional Conventional

Conventional conveyors are made up of flat belting and idler rolls configured to provide a trough to carry bulk materials. Systems and parts are manufactured and supplied by many suppliers around the world.


Pipe Conveyor Pipe Conveyors

Pipe Conveyors were originally developed and built by Japan Pipe Conveyor Co. With orignal patents expired, now many companies can and do build Pipe Conveyors. They consist of specially designed flat rubber belts rolled into a pipe shape by idler rolls.

Cable belt Cable Belt

The prime supplier of Cable Belts is Metso Minerals (MCB). Patents have expired and others have been known to produce a similar product.


Ropecon RopeCon

Developed and marketed by Doppelmayr of Austria, this consists of a conventional flat rubber belt with axials and wheels bolted to the belt. The belt and wheels roll on susspended wire ropes.