Pipe Conveyor Projects


Petrozuata, Venuzuela

Upgraded- 2005
Role- Upgrade Auditor
Client- ThyssenKrupp Robins

Located in the Zuata region of the Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt in central Venezuela. BC107 Pipe Conveyor is 2.3 km long, 1850mm width, carries 1300 tph with 1005 kW installed and has 1 horizontal and 2 vertical curves. OCC provided design services including static and dynamic analysis and starting control algorithms using fluid couplings and VFD’s in order to increase tonnage.


Arch Coal, Skyline, Utah, USA

Commissioned 1992
Role- Startup/Commissioning- Redesign
Client- ThyssenKrupp Robins

This 3.38 km Pipe Conveyor was installed in 1992 through a national forest; traversing 22 horizontal and 45 vertical curves. Provided re-design engineering services in order to add more power