Coal Projects


Reliance Sasan UMPP, India

Commissioning 2014
Role- Designer
Client- NHI China

A 14 km overland conveyor from the port to the new Ultra Mega 3,960 MW power plant. The overland includes head tail drives and two horizontal curves.


PT Adaro, Tutupan, Indonesia

Commissioning 2013
Role- Design Audito
Client- FLSmidth

FLSmidth has contracted with PT Adaro Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Adaro Energy Tbk., to supply: Conveyors: 4 each – total length 10 km @ 12,000 tph; Mobile stacking conveyor: 1 each @ 411 m @ 12,000 tph; Spreading conveyor: 1 each @ 12,500 tph

Tunnel Ridge

ARLP, Tunnel Ridge, USA

Commissioned 2011
Role- Designer
Client- ARLP

OCC did all the original preliminary design for underground and overland conveyors. OCC wrote the technical bidding documents.

Jim Walter

Jim Walter Resources, USA

Commissioned 2008
Role- Designer
Client- Continental Conveyor


ALCOA Rockdale, TX, USA (Now Luminant Mining)

Commissioned 2005
Role- Designer
Client- ThyssenKrupp Robins

Commissioned in June 2005, this 19.3 km single flight conveyor was the longest conventional conveyor in the world. It also included one intermediate drive and 11 horizontal curves. In order to negotiate 11 horizontal curves in plan, power was distributed between the head, tail and half way point on the conveyor. An intermediate tripper drive will be one of the first of its kind on a surface application. Overland Conveyor Co provided the intermediate drive support as well as the control algorithms for starting and stopping.